Bus Group

bus.group creates brand-sensitive, culture-aware images and films that challenge existing aesthetics, spark conversations, and elevate communication. Founded in 2017 by directors Manuel Birnbacher and Daniel Schnitterbaum, bus.group is a studio for visionary minds. We direct, design, and animate, transforming brand and product narratives into contemporary visual experiences. Our design-driven, exploratory CGI work breaks away from conventional aesthetics, offering fresh perspectives and innovative solutions.


Ritterstraße 2
10969 Berlin




Manuel Birnbacher, Daniel Schnitterbaum, Crystal Campbell, Tine Edle von Istler, Felix Feldmann, Jack Lemonidis, Alex Marek, Anaís Prieto León, Fabi Lou Sax, Max Stühlen, Sasha Serdyukova, Peter Schings

Selected Clients

Art Basel, Away, Babor, Balenciaga, Cartier, Dell, Ferragamo, Instagram, Maison Margiela, Maybach, Mercedes Benz, MCM, Nike, Porsche, Rimowa, Renault, Sotheby's, Visa, Woolmark

Work with us

We are looking to expand our team via project-based freelance roles and dedicated full-time positions. Please send your application (portfolio, cover letter and resume) to jobs@bus.group with the respective role included as subject header. Please note, we can’t reply to every application. Thanks for your understanding. Current opportunities can be found below. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Senior CG Artist/Art Director

    We have an opening for a full-time senior role. Long-term experience in Cinema 4D, Houdini and Redshift is required. Skills in related tools such as Marvelous, Unreal, Stable Diffusion etc. are a plus.



Fang Gang CGI for the fourth album by Post Malone, ‘Twelve Carat Toothache’.Released last Friday via Republic Records, the rapper and singer finds darker introspection in his latest LP. Across the fourteen-track record, Post Malone battles with depression, addiction and the gleeful lows of fame. In collaboration with PlayLab, bus.group have gnawed typography into the album’s visual accompaniment.



bus.group has created a painfully sharp animation announcing Anne Imhof’s 2023 solo exhibition at Sprüth Magers titled EMO. We’ve deconstructed Zak Group’s typeface into metal shards and tossed them around before we let them galvanize into 100% emotionally stable words again.


Pitch Festival 2024

bus.group crafted visuals for the 7th Edition of Pitch Music and Arts Festival 2024. This year we juxtaposed nature’s organic sophistication and the structured aesthetic of industrial elements.


Gurtenfestival 2024

bus.group were invited to direct and produce the colourful experience that is Gurtenfestival. The psychedelic outcome is the result of skilfully composed CGI environments, AI graphics, organic simulations and 2D post effects.


Musical modalities

Art direction and 2D animation for the Australian arts and music festival MODE.

For the festival’s inaugural edition, bus.group developed a contemporary identity that balances bold graphic treatment, kinetic 2D animation and accompanying animation driven by GAN imagery. The identity has been applied across announcement material and an incoming micro-site to houses all programme information; the teaser shared introduces our work on the festival’s visuality.


Tuning (back) up

CGI and 3D animation for the 2022 edition of PITCH.

After an extended period of distance between bodies and movement, bus.group were asked to create visuals for the returning music and arts festival in Victoria, Australia. We worked with PITCH to produce a playful 3D-driven film that combines surreal materialities against minimalist studio environments.

"Bringing together a community of like-minded individuals for our fifth edition, we welcome you back to the tranquil Grampian plains for an aural experience of electronic music and an assembly of visual delights."


Wrap up your bruk

CGI and creative direction for a music label’s inaugural release.

"BRUK is a new platform for fresh variations on the soundsystem ethic, developed as an artist-focused endeavour and geared towards producers with range, depth and ingenuity in their sound." Beside the chopping first statement from Josh Thompson's FFT alias, bus.group produced abstracted imagery to cover the sleeve in its own sheathed visual.


Beethoven’s gemstone

CGI and 3D animation for the visual framework of Musikfest Berlin.

During the Beethoven jubilee year, the month-long programme pulls together instrumental and vocal ensembles as part of its orchestral festival for the music of our times. For the 2020 edition, bus.group developed a trail of 3D imagery that encrusted rock around its rhythm.


No feeding on the dancefloor

Visual identity and supporting CGI for the music festival Nachtiville.

Following the party trail left by Nachtdigital last year, another musical offering arrives from its makers. For Nachtiville's debut by the Baltic Sea, bus.group developed a playful identity and 3D-driven artwork that welcomes its arrivals with a waddling, winter mascot.


Melodic ecologies

CGI and 3D animation for the album artwork of band Jeans for Jesus.

19xx_2xxx_ is the third LP of Swiss band J4J. For the supporting imagery, bus.group transformed 3D scans of the band members into eco-mythical figureheads.


You smell like you sound

CGI and 3D animation for an album artwork.

In 2017, Swiss band J4J released their second musical offering – an eclectic album entitled P R O. For its supporting artwork, BUS developed 3D imagery of the LP’s ‘scent’, rendered out as a sleek flacon and filled with sonic smell.


Marble for your ears

CGI and 3D animation for the album artwork of band Jeans for Jesus.

2000 etc. and milleneufcentquelquechose are the fourth and fifth LPs of Swiss band J4J. For the supporting imagery, bus.group transformed 3D scans of the band members into glimmering heads of polished marble and ancient steaming lava.


Have you heard of Fluoro Baroque?

Visual identity and graphic design for the tenth edition of Samos Young Artists Festival.

The annual event brought together emerging and established performers in an ancient Greek theatre. Artists from across the world gathered during the seven-day presentation, playing music that spanned the Baroque, tango and contemporary. The supporting designs capture the musicality of performance across dynamic, hand-rendered illustrations.


Sònar-powered wings

3D animation for a music festival’s stage programming.

SonarDôme is a longstanding partnership between Red Bull Music and Sònar Festival. For the 2018 edition, bus.group were asked to produce its supporting kinetic visuals.


Bittersweet mints and forever-never goodbyes

Visual identity and supporting design for the final edition of a German music festival.

Nachtdigital offered festival solutions to a small German camping village for 22 years. Within the festival’s swan song identity, bus.group installed a minty mascot across its design furnishings. Tees, LPs, and a fitting mix of memories inside the welcome booklet reminisced on the past two decades of Nachtilove.


Post-romantic rhythms

Art direction and graphic design for the debut album of Rachel Lyn.

‘Oh Daydream’ reveals the sonic work of Rachel Lyn within a long form listening experience. The 8-track album weaves together narratives of her VHS-induced childhood, produced into a ‘post-romantic’ story that composes various soundscapes within the artist’s own intimate flow.

bus.group developed the accompanying graphic design for the LP’s full release.


I wanna see you FLEX

Visual identity and supporting design materials for the 21st edition of a German music festival.

In 2018, Nachtdigital introduced its FLEX theme to festivalgoers. bus.group worked up a sweat for its ensemble identity, as liquid bodies collide with graphic typography across poster and film formats.